Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New games coming! Scribblenauts and Brutal Legend

Thanks to the magic of GameFly I now have Scribblenauts for the DS and Brutal Legend for the ps3 en route to my house.

Scribblenauts intrigues me mostly because of its basic premise.  The idea is that your character solves the puzzles he is presented with by 'scribbling' anything he can think of into existence and using it to interact with the environment.  The game allows you to input whatever you can think of and with a dictionary of over 10,000 items it's quite likely that one will pop up!  This includes everything from basic tools and objects to named weapons like Excalibur, mythical creatures like Cthulhu (who must then be tamed with a summoned mind control device or the like to be useful) on up to things like black holes!  The incredible open ended nature of the gameplay makes it worth a shot in my book.

On the other hand is Brutal Legend, the new project of Tim Schafer, creator of Psychonauts for the original xbox.  I'm sure at some point this blog will touch on Psychonauts in detail but for the moment let me just say:  If you have the means to play this game and have not done so, DO IT.  It is absolutely fantastic from beginning to end.  The story, environment, characters, and abilities are all incredibly creative, and downright hilarious.  In my opinion the game is the paramount reason to own an xbox, far and above the Halo games.  It is my sincere hope that Brutal Legend will be a spiritual successor.  The game is about the adventures of a roadie (modeled after and voiced by Jack Black) in a world completely themed around heavy metal.  If the game strikes the same irreverent chord as its precursor, it should be a blast.

I'll have reviews up here for both games as soon as I beat them!

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  1. Brutal Legend sounds awesome - I generally don't even pay enough attention to commercials to hear them, but this one had Jack Black written all over it when it came on. Sounds like a hoot. :D