Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry about the recent lack of updates folks.  On one hand there has been a lack of particularly interesting nerd news lately, and on the other I've been delving into the Wheel of Time again, and so have procrastinated in writing the *THREE* game reviews that I need to get up here.  In the mean time, an interesting if unsettling tidbit:

It seems that there are some doctors out there who can cure certain types of blindness with... get this... TEETH. I'm not kidding.  They extract one of the patients teeth, drill a hole in it, and then place an artificial lens in the hole.  The whole mess is then implanted in the eye, with somewhat disconcerting results.  The tooth is necessary to avoid the rejection that would take place with an artificial base.

You cant make this stuff up people.  Video below, but be warned: it's a tad graphic.

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